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A big 'Thank You' to all who have taken part in Million Miles so far...

Thank you for taking on the Million Miles challenge!

Million Miles 23 had people and groups take on a wide diversity of challenges. Running, walking, rowing, golf, gym work and cycling are just a few. I am just 5 miles short of my own 1000 mile cycle challenge. Those 5 miles will be done but other matters needed my attention for a short time.

Many people, as you will have seen, signed up to JustGiving but an equal number took part in other ways to raise funds. 36,000 miles pledged and almost £10,000 raised so far is no mean achievement. How much more is there to come in? Now is the time over the next months to collect all the promises of funds please, so that they can be distributed to the charities as winter draws nearer. I know that it is difficult; we all depend on the generosity of the same groups of friends time and again.

Million Miles is not finished. You can still undertake your challenges and raise funds this year, and we will be back for 2024 with new events and challenges. We will review what worked and what can be improved so that it will relaunch in 2024 to add to what we have achieved this year.

The great efforts of so many have helped make Million Miles a success in its first year. Encouraging health and fitness whilst raising funds for the most vulnerable in our community is an important and worthwhile endeavour. So if you make one new years resolution, let it be this!

Thank you for your continuing support

Joe S

Million Miles Team

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