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The Challenge

Help us reach One Million Miles

on foot - with a friend - on 2 wheels - at the pool - as a team - in the gym - your way!

The possibilities are endless...

Running at the Beach

Launch event at Three Hills

The Aim

We've set a very ambitious goal - our community moving one million miles of activity to raise funds for local charities.  You could take part by walking, running, cycling or swimming!  You can do this outdoors or in the gym, move around in the garden, on the golf course, on the football pitch - however you feel you can get involved.  Everyone can contribute to this Million Miles target.  
Find out how to get involved!


Make it different! Fancy a crazy challenge? If you want to cartwheel round the garden? no problem; pogo stick to school? absolutely. Climb the stairs a hundred times? Excellent!

Limited Mobility? How many steps do you do when mowing the lawn? How many miles can you travel by bus in a day? Take in as many local towns and villages as you can and count up the miles travelled - it all counts!

Need some inspiration? We also have some pre-organised events for you to take part in and notch up some miles. Check out the Calendar page for current information. This will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure you keep an eye out and like our Facebook page.

Why Take Part?


Get fit & raise funds for local charities. It's that simple.

Perhaps you have a fitness goal for 2024 or you want to get out and meet some new people? Or maybe you'd like to do some good in the community while you take your morning run, or just get outdoors a bit more this year.

This challenge is for everyone. We want to get the community moving; 

and if we can help some great local causes on the way then so much the better.

All you have to do is register your mileage pledge below.

We'll take your email address so we can send you the occasional update on the project.
Don't worry we won't bombard you with emails, and you'll be able to unsub
scribe from the list at any time.

Set up a Just Giving page!
Once you've registered your activity head over to the get involved page where you can set up your own Just Giving page to help you raise sponsorship and record your activities. You can also donate to the appeal directly, or volunteer to help out
at one of our events.

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