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Terms of Use

  • You are responsible for your fundraising activity and it is up to you to protect the health and safety of everyone taking part in or attending your fundraising activity. 

  • You agree to comply with all health and safety rules, guidance and protocols (including, without limitation, any protocols issued in relation to Covid-19 and/or by the UK government). 

  • Any risks around your fundraising activity are your responsibility, including liability for injury to yourself, your helpers or your guests. 

  • You must comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to your fundraising activity. This includes getting any necessary licences, consent or permissions for your event or activities, for instance, if you’re holding a raffle or selling alcohol. 

  • Million Miles insurance policy won’t cover your fundraising activity. You should always consider whether you need insurance cover for your fundraising activity. If necessary, carry out a risk assessment and make sure everyone taking part is fully briefed about the activity. 

  • You will not do anything that threatens or negatively impacts Million Miles reputation or name. If you do, without prejudice to Million Miles other rights, Million Miles has the right to ask you to stop your fundraising activity immediately. 

  • As well as following our guidelines, please make sure you stay safe, legal and considerate while fundraising. Your fundraising should be inclusive and should not cause offence or discriminate against any group. If you’d like to check if your activity is appropriate, get in touch

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